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Reasons Why Your Website is Harming Your Business

With access to the internet increasing across the world, more and more people are visiting websites on a regular basis. It makes perfect sense for a business or individual to want to build up an online presence – however without the right research and designer, this can sometimes not turn out as expected. Naturally, we all want to pay the lowest amount possible should we decide to employ a designer to create a website.  

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I need a mobile app for my business? What are my options?

It can be confusing. Trying to understand the mobile app landscape is not for the feint hearted. Then to make a marketing decision on which option to adopt requires a certain degree of technical knowledge.  I will attempt to explain below how they all differ and which option is the best for you. Note that this is not and won’t be an exhaustive technical comparison, there are plenty of those out there. This article will only cover IPhone/IPod/IPad and Android apps. To answer the question, which do i need? the simple answer is… one of them. As to which one, the simple answer is, it depends. Let me explain…. The rise of apps is well known, the technical hurdle in bringing an app to market is, for many… is not so well know.

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Ecommerce Success Secrets For Your Small Business

Good SEO is vital. It’s not something you should leave to chance. Most people search for products by generic terms: washing machine or TV rather than Hotpoint or Panasonic, so your SEO has to be properly focused in order to attract the right visitors. As with any field there are tricks of the trade and a modest investment in expert insight will pay dividends.

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