Plan Features

Let us take care of your website, whilst you run your business.
We can be used as your web support team, without all the hassle

What's Included

  • Website Design Modifiatons

    Changes to your site design through introducing new text or graphics

  • Plugin and CMS Changes / Updates

    Updating Plugins and content management systems to their latest versions

  • Add, Update and Optimising Images

    Take and make images and photos the correct size, ready for web and mobile

  • ExpressionEngine Experts

    Experts in theming and developing in both ExpressionEngine v1 and 2

  • Wordpress Experts

    Experts in theming and developing sites in Wordpress

  • Site Security

    Experts in securing Wordpress sites against hackers

  • Adding, Changing, Removing Videos

    Add videos from popular video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo

  • Bug Fixing

    Bugs investigated and fixed

  • Modifications to Forms

    Add / change fields in forms e.g. contact us form, data capture

  • Content and Links Updates

    Add, remove, change content and links on your website

  • Adding Additional Features / Pages

    Installing and creating Plugins, adding pages to improve your website

  • Adding Blog Posts, PDFs, Documents

    Update your existing blog and website

  • Integrate Social Media

    Integrate social media sharing and logins

  • HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS Changes

    We have it covered. No matter how technical

  • Make Your Website Faster

    Optimise page load times through various techniques