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5 Tips to Perfect Sales Copy and More Customers

If you want to dramatically improve the money-making ability of your sales messages, you need to write perfect sales copy. Perfect sales copy converts readers into buyers or subscribers. It generates natural website links for search engine optimisation and ranks high for targeted keywords in search engines like Google and Bing. If your sales copywriting is not doing all of these things, you need to pay attention to these six tips for writing perfect sales copy.

1. Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

The headline is, arguably, the most important part of any sales copy. It grabs readers’ attention and compels them to read your sales copy. The secret to attention grabbing headlines is writing persuasively to the needs of your target audience. Psychologist Abraham Maslow identifies the following basic needs as central to human life.

  • Life needs like food, clothing and shelter
  • Burning desire to reach your full potential
  • Need for physical, financial and emotional security or safety, and
  • Social or affiliation needs that include desire for affection, acceptance, companionship and love

Capture these basic human needs and promise their solution in your headlines to instantly attract attention to your sales copy.

2. Craft Compelling Introductions

Expound on the need you mentioned in your headline and promote your product as the solution in the first paragraph. If you can maintain your readers’ interest in your sales copy introduction, they will be more likely to pay attention to the rest of your sales message.

3. Use Subheadings

Subheadings break up large text blocks and help quick scanning of your sales copy. You don’t want readers to get a migraine when they read your sales copy, do you? Of course, you don’t. Use subheads appropriately to break up paragraphs and highlight the main points in your copywriting.

4. Eliminate Risk

Give potential customers risk-free incentives to buy your product, such as money-back guarantees and free trial periods. This puts their minds at ease and builds customer confidence.

5. Provide Product Testimonials

Reassure potential customers that your product is actually what you say it is by providing testimonials. Incorporate testimonials within the text so your readers don’t have to click away from your SEO copy.

Bonus one… Have a call to action

Finally, come up with a clear and compelling call to action. Tell your readers the action you want them to take and direct them to your order page. Remember, the perfect SEO sales copy reads and sells naturally without overt search engine optimisation and sales pitches.

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