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Do they think we are idiots?

As part of my many daily tasks, I run and manage the Facebook page for Teach My Kids. Often, we get requests from other companies for reciprocal likes, we politely decline as it serves no purpose to increase likes with people who will never make use of your content or engage with other users. I received one today which didn’t feel right.

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5 Tips to Perfect Sales Copy and More Customers

If you want to dramatically improve the money-making ability of your sales messages, you need to write perfect sales copy. Perfect sales copy converts readers into buyers or subscribers. It generates natural website links for search engine optimisation and ranks high for targeted keywords in search engines like Google and Bing. If your sales copywriting is not doing all of these things, you need to pay attention to these six tips for writing perfect sales copy.

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Reasons Why Your Website is Harming Your Business

With access to the internet increasing across the world, more and more people are visiting websites on a regular basis. It makes perfect sense for a business or individual to want to build up an online presence – however without the right research and designer, this can sometimes not turn out as expected. Naturally, we all want to pay the lowest amount possible should we decide to employ a designer to create a website.  

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Logo & Brand Identity - Look Professional, Gain Trust

A logo will give your business a look professional, create trust in your customers and have repeat business.

Your business image is reflected in your logo and brand identity. Get it right and reap the rewards.

A good logo design could mean the difference between running a successful, popular business and one that just gets by. A logo is a visual image of your business.

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