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Reasons Why Your Website is Harming Your Business

With access to the internet increasing across the world, more and more people are visiting websites on a regular basis. It makes perfect sense for a business or individual to want to build up an online presence – however without the right research and designer, this can sometimes not turn out as expected. Naturally, we all want to pay the lowest amount possible should we decide to employ a designer to create a website.  

Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple. By paying for cheap web design, you will result in a website that has not had the time spent in designing that it needs. Often, you will receive a website that has been made with a default or free ‘theme’ (the structure and design of the website), with simply your business name and own text placed into it. This web design often looks like an attempt to pass someone else’s work off as your own. Another distinguishing result is the Content Management System (CMS), used to administrate your website. A clunky, hard-to-use CMS makes controlling your website an unpleasing and difficult activity for yourself.

Growth in cheap web design agencies

Developers across the globe are lowering their prices due to the economic recession. Similarly, this combined with increasing competition of web designers has meant inexpensive web design is becoming more commonplace. More local businesses are starting their presence online with a small website, thus expanding the growth of these agencies.

Pitfalls of cheap design

Cheap design often results in poor design – a website that is not friendly for your users to browse, and one that does not match your initial requirements. Even an average web user will be able to easily distinguish between a well-built website from a poorly-built one, as they will find cheaply made websites difficult to use, and therefore less likely to return. A large part of having an internet presence is being able to ‘make your mark’ - owning a unique website that matches the business. This cannot happen when employing cheap web design as the site is often copied as it shares the theme with other websites. The internet is a continuously evolving centre of knowledge – and your website should not fall foul to that by being static. The ability to easily manage and change your website (whether it be a simple content change, or even moving around pages) is crucial – yet not properly investing in a web designer means you could be left with a site that is one-use-only.

Why pay more?

Employing a professional designer ensures a website that is accessible and user-friendly, as well as one that you are able to maintain easily. A large part of web design is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that makes your website easier to find in search engines – a major source of internet traffic to websites. When it comes to designing a website, it can be hard work to get ideas from your head to the initial requirements page for your designer. Employing a professional who will take the time to talk through your necessities and work out the perfect solution is invaluable. Ensuring you are aware of what your designer offers in terms of support after the building of website is also crucial: should the website break or start performing incorrectly, you don’t want to have to pay more for it to be fixed. Employing a professional designer can reduce the likelihood of unexpected problems and spiralling costs. Many companies maintain such a business model by charging for add-ons, modifications and hosting, whereas a design agency would take care of such tasks from the offset.

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