TMKed required an eccomerce website that would allow them to sell educational workbooks and worksheets. It needed to allow vistors to the website to purchase resources and download them for immediate use, or for use at a later date.
The website was primarily aimed at teachers, support workers, parents and other people working in an education environment. 

Making The Website Successful

Website Design and Structure:
We structured this eccommerce website so that users were able to filter and find the worksheet or workbook they needed with ease. With thousands of resources available for sale, this required thought and planning!
The design and wording used on the website allowed visitors to see at a glance what the website was about and the resources available from the homepage.

Website Development:
The website was developed to allow for the many resources to be uploaded and updated on a regular basis.

  • Logo Design
  • E-commerce Website Design and Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration