Teach My Kids

With just the words 'Teach My Kids' to go by, we were set the challenge of creating a logo, brand and web design. As a new business, the direction it would take was still a bit hazy.

What we did know was that Teach My Kids was aimed at parents, but would also be used by teachers and children. It needed to use bright colours to associate it to primary school look, without looking to childish.

With kids of our own,and knowing how difficult it can be to help your children at home with their homework, it was a website that we knew would be well used.

We wanted to make sure the website would be flexible enough to allow the business owners to develop the business and change its direction as they came up with more ideas and inspiration.

Web design requirements included:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • The aim of the website being portrayed visually as well as through text
  • Colourful, clear, uncluttered text, that would help parents find the required information and products quickly

Web development requirement included:

  • Being able to add / edit content on a daily basis
  • Social Media integration - e.g links to Twitter and Facebook
  • A forum

Making The Website Successful

Logo and Branding

We helped Teach My Kids come up with a strapline and logo in the first instance. This was key to bringing the brand alive and making sure it was associated with education and learning.

Website Design

The colours used on the website would decide whether the website would appeal to parents or children. Getting the balance of using the primary colours in the right places was difficult. Opting for shades of blue (one of the primary colours) as the feature colour, gave the website a professional look, whilst keeping it bright and fun.

Website Development

The website needed to be kept up to date on a regular basis. Teach My Kids wanted the ability to add worksheets (as PDF's), include links / banner ads to affiliate sites that could be changed easily, add widgets / links to iPhone apps, for visitors to the website to 'like' or 'say thanks' for articles or worksheets they found useful, include a forum and a shop, to name just a few things! Our technical expertise allowed us to include all the required features with ease. Due to Teach My Kids changing and evolving as it grows, we are able to add extra features to the website as and when needed.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Payment Gateway Integration