MCR Systems

‘We made the right choice in selecting Next Big Leap to design our new website. They were able to offer fresh ideas, creativity and innovation, and have been extremely helpful throughout the project. I look forward to continuing our good working relationship with Next Big Leap’

Matthew Gatter, Company Directer, MCR Systems Ltd

When asked to redesign MCR's website, provide content management that could be used with very little training, and design their promotional literature and exhibition stands.

We had the challenge of finding a way of making each EPOS product stand out. We also had to design the website in way that would allow the branding and colours to be transferred to promotional literature and large exhibition stands.

Web design requirements:

During the initial meetings with MCR Systems, it became very clear that their website needed to visually communicate the brands modern outlook on technology.  MCR Systems tagged the website with keywords such as 'fresh, clean, clear and crisp' and the resulting ideas needed to make sure that the designs were reflective of this.

Website development requirements included:

  • Allowing non-technical users complete control over content.
  • Editorial control over all areas of the website.
  • Giving admin staff confidence to tackle copywriting duties with little training.

Making the website a success


The sophisticated colour palette that was decided on, enhances the brand and is subtle enough to allow the products to speak effectively, whilst also providing a solid base for brand continuation on all subsequent pages throughout the website.

Web Design

Using the current logo as a starting point, we undertook a variety of approaches, utilising the core colours of the brand that already existed and finding solutions to house the variety of software and hardware solutions, that MCR Systems provide to their existing clients.

We decided the best solution was to showcase MCRs products in a slideshow, whilst harnessing the strength of each individual product by backing it up with a key quote and relevant info.

Once we had settled on this process of providing a main tier of product display, we then moved onto connecting all of the individual features that MCR Systems had requested for the homepage, such as latest news, key quotes and mission statement.

Web Development

The main CMS was carefully built in Expression Engine to allow non-technical users to have complete editorial control over all areas of the site including the slideshows.  Using simple, intuitive components allowed us to not only open up content to 24/7 access for admin but give the users confidence to tackle copywriting duties with little training.

Clever combination of Expression Engine, PHP, CSS/HTML resulted in an clean, simple effective solution which enhances their presence even further.