We were asked by DeMontfort University to help them create an online platform for people to connect and collaborate with each other.
The aim was to connect local businesses, professionals and freelancers within the local area. The platform showcases their expertise to create networks and a place where others can source services. The website would also promote Leicester as a SMART city.

Bespoke Web design requirements included:

  • Giving the look and feel of a community
  • Intuitive design
  • Appealing to a wide variety of users: from lecturers and individual to frelancers and larger businesses

Web development requirements included:

  • Creating an interactive map - connecting people and businesses
  • Creating a business directory
  • Providing an easy to use content management system
  • Ability to export data with ease

Making The Website Successful

Logo and Branding

The clever use of typography, colour and imagery was used to create the logo. This tied in the name of the website 'Flokk' to the logo. The colours used for the logo and throughout the website were chosen to give the website a professional feel, with the use of a brighter, vibrant coluor to engage and keep the attention of visitors to the website.

Website Design

The design of the website needed to give visitors the feel of coming together as a community. 
The homepage was designed to give clear, simple instructions to visitors to encourage them to register and join the community. This was done using symbols and short instructions, whilst giving a professional, business vibe.
The homepage banner design incorporated sketched birds flokking together in the background to provoke the image of people coming together and joining the community.

Website Development

The interactive map was the key to this website. The map needed to show locations and connections between businesses/people. It also needed to accomodate multiple businesses/people from the same location and the ability to zoom in/out to get a wider picture of where users are located. Our solution was to use a combination of pointers, arrow links and colour, which moved and changed as the user zoomed in and out. 

It was also important to view business details alongside the map. Our solution was to create viewing variations, wherby the user could view the map only, directory only or both on the same screen.

Website Maintenance

We have continued to work with De Montfort University to help them maintain the website as its popularity grows.

  • Logo Creation and Branding
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Project Management
  • Website Maintenance