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Want a mobile app developed? - A ‘need to know’ guide to help you plan your app idea

Mobile App / iPhone App Development

You have got an idea for a mobile app or iPhone app, but now what? When approaching an app developer, do you know what information to give?

This guide will help you organise your idea for a mobile app / iPhone app. It will make it easier for the app developer to give you an accurate cost and the best way to develop your mobile app / iPhone app.

Your idea will need to be thought about in a logical way, with the user of the mobile app always kept in mind.

Questions to think about:

  • Who will use the mobile app / iPhone app?
  • Why will they want to use the mobile app / iPhone app?
  • Do you want the mobile app to be downloaded for free (with the chance to upgrade to the full version for example). If not, how much will the mobile app cost to buy?
  • How will the user interact with the mobile app, once it has been downloaded?
  • How will the user navigate through the app screens?
  • Do you have an idea about what each app screen might contain or look like?

Once you have thought through your idea in more detail, your next question is ‘What is your budget?’

How much do you want to spend on mobile app / iPhone app design and development?

A mobile app / iPhone app could become an essential part of marketing / advertising for your business. A very worthwhile investment. It will allow your customers to access and find out about your business wherever they are. If you can’t be found when your customer is looking for you, they may find your competitor instead.

Do you want people to access your mobile app on the iPhone and android phones?

This decision can affect the cost to develop your app. An experienced app developer will be able to suggest the best way to develop your mobile app. This will depend on the complexity of your app idea. Some apps will have to be developed separately for the iphone and android phones. Other mobile apps can be developed using cross-platform programs, this means the app will only need to be built once. It can then be used on an iPhone and android phone. However, cross-platform development tools do have their limitations as to what they can do. Also bear in mind the app design cost associated with some types of mobile apps. Just like web design, some apps also need to be designed before development can begin. If for example, your idea is for a game, the look of the game will be important. Therefore a slick app design will be needed. If your app has a more functional role e.g. for inputting data onto a time sheet, then the app can have a simple design, thus costing less.

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