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Mobile App Or Mobile Website - Does Your Business Need One?

Do you need a mobile website or mobile app for your business?

A Mobile app or mobile website, can give your business a boost, whether you want to make sure your website can be accessed anywhere or to streamline your working processes.

Read this article to find out more about business benefits. Iphone and Android phones – enable you to browse the internet whilst on the move, check your e-mails and allow access to the thousands of apps that are available. As more people trade in their old phones for an iphone or android phone, access to your business information also needs to become more mobile. The last thing you want is for your competitors to win your business. Mobile internet access is becoming more popular by the day. Browsing the internet and using a mobile app can become an integral part of your daily routine, whether you want to update your facebook / twitter page, check the weather, play a quick game whilst waiting for the bus, or look for the website of a company you are interested in.

Mobile Website

Is your business website viewable properly on an iPhone or android phone?

Why you need a mobile friendly website?

Can potential customers access information about your business easily and clearly using their mobile phone? Viewing your website as it is on the internet, may not be the optimum way to view it on a mobile phone. The text may be too small to read and navigating around your website may prove very difficult, due to the content of your website being condensed onto a small screen. Design your website so that it can be viewed on a mobile phone. It will make it more accessible. This can help to keep potential customers on your website for longer and stopping them from clicking away straight away. A website that is designed to be viewed on a mobile phone will display the key information needed by your customers. It will be easier to navigate. The user will be given tabs to help navigate around important screens, such as about us, contact, services etc. A mobile website is best if you want potential customers to access your website whilst they are out and about. Most places now have free wi-fi to allow connection to the internet. A mobile website is a good way of presenting your company or service information in an easy to read way on a mobile phone or tablet. A mobile website will allow customers to buy your products or services from their mobile phone. Contact us for more information about a mobile website

Drawbacks of a mobile website.

Your customers will need internet access to view you mobile website. It may cost your customers extra to connect to Wi-Fi, whilst on the move.

Mobile App

Would your business benefit from a mobile app?

Do you have processes in place that need regular calculations to be made or forms that need to be filled in whilst on site? Do you have company or servcie information that doesn’t change often, but is important to users? Your company mobile app might allow customers to subscribe to a service e.g. weekly / monthly training materials or handy hints. If so, then an app may be of use to you. [button size = ‘small’ link = ‘/contact’]Contact us for more information about an app[/button] Many company mobile phone apps are free to download. An advantage of a mobile app is that internet connection is not needed to be able to access your app. The disadvantage of a mobile app is that you can’t change the content on the app whenever you want to. You will need an app developer to do this.

How can you take advantage of app technology?

You may have an idea for a simple game, a useful tool, or a way of helping your business grow and adapt. Some of the most popular apps are based on very simple ideas e.g. Wunderlist, where you can create a ‘to do’ list or games such as Fruit Ninja.  There are some strong reasons why your business can benefit from an app.

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