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Logo & Brand Identity - Look Professional, Gain Trust

A logo will give your business a look professional, create trust in your customers and have repeat business.

Your business image is reflected in your logo and brand identity. Get it right and reap the rewards.

A good logo design could mean the difference between running a successful, popular business and one that just gets by. A logo is a visual image of your business.

A logo can:

  • Give a professional first impression to new visitors.
  • Make your company memorable to repeat visitors
  • Make your company look bigger and more focused.
  • Can convey what your business attitudes, goals and target market.

These are all factors which will help your business strive and grow, leading to greater success. A logo is something that will stay with your company for a very long time, people don’t like change, therefore changing your logo at a later date may not be an option.

Logo Design:

  •  A picture that symbolises what you sell or your service is (e.g. a fish and chip shop may use an image of a simple fish drawing with thin rectangles for chips scattered around it).
  • A word or company name written in a specific font or colour.
  • An abbreviation of the company name.
  • An abstract image (e.g. a wavy line).  This type of logo might start of meaning nothing at all, but as the company becomes more established and well known, it will become more effective.

How do I choose a logo?

  • Start by brainstorming ideas – shapes, text, colours, images.
  • Look at what your competitors’ logos are like.
  • Take into consideration what your logo will look like in black and white.
  • Try and keep it simple, keep the number of colours used to a minimum.
  • Think about your target market – do you want to appeal to children, teenagers, adults, other businesses, men, women.  Is your target market sports people, aimed at education etc.  What kind of colours, shapes and styles will appeal to these people?
  • Try and stay away from clipart.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity helps people associate with your business and gives it credibility.

Brand Identity can help assure potential customers that they are buying from and dealing with a professional company. Brand Identity sets the tone of the company. It can be done by having a slogan, good logo, name or design.  People may be willing  to pay more or buy from a website that has a clear logo and identity, rather than from one that looks like it was put together quickly with very little thought or originality.  It helps develop confidence in your company and can encourage visitor loyalty. Brand identity runs through anything that people will see. This includes business cards, website, letterhead paper, complements slips, invoices, receipts, published adverts, newsletters, leaflets and vouchers, right through to the look and feel of the business premises. It is worth investing money in brand identity right from the start. Your business will only get one chance to make a first impression.

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