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The iPhone app store contains thousands of iPhone apps. It can be hard deciding which iPhone app to download, especially if you have to pay for it. Many iPhone apps have a lite version you can download and try before buying the full version. Next Big Leap, Leicester iPhone app developer is here to help, use our guide to find the best free and paid for iPhone app. Find out how an iphone app could benefit your business.

Top free iPhone Apps and paid for iPhone Apps             

Subject Free iPhone App Paid iPhone App
Lose weight Lose It – helps you maintain enthusiasm and motivation by turning calorie counting into a video gameSimple BMI & Body Calc – allows you to calculate your BMI and then analyses the result. Weightbot (£1.19) – tracks your daily weight and body mass indexLose Weight! (£1.79) – Do you eat when you are bored or depressed?  This app help you control your portions and manage cravings.
Tone your body and get fit Fitness Tips – contains useful and practical, fitness and nutritional tips to help guide you towards a healthy lifestyleFitnessPlan – helps you keep track of exercise you have done and plan future ones CrunchFu (£0.59) – (for a six pack) this app uses a motion detector to count your crunchesRunKeeper Pro (£5.99) can only be used outside or iTreadmill (£0.59) can be used indoors or outdoors– keeps track of your position, pace, distance etc.iFitness (£1.19) – a workout encyclopedia containing over 200 exercises with clear photos and instructions.
Save money Money Tips – gives you the best and most practical money saving tipsMy Shopping Assistant – helps you keep track of how much items cost in different shopsMoneywise – simple to use, budgeting tool/expense trackerMoneytrackin – track your expenses and income easily RedLaser (£1.19) – use your iPhone as a barcode scanner to compare the price of an item on Amazon and other stores.Better Buy – Save Your Money (£1.19) – compares the cost of 2 products, no matter what the units are in items, weight or volume, then tells you which one is cheaperMeter Readings (£0.59) – lets you track your household utility meters such as gas, and then calculates how much you are using.iXpenselt (£2.99) – allows you to track monthly expenses by category or plan a monthly budget, it even allows you to take pictures of individual receipts to keep as a record.
Help the environment – go green GoodGuide – ranks products on a 1-10 scale based on how good it is for health, safety, environmental factors etciLocavore – a tool for locavores and ‘shop local, buy local’ enthusiasts Locavore (£1.79) – helps you find fruit and veg that is grown locally or in seasoniCarFuelLog (£0.59) – for most people, fuel expenses are high.  Keep a track and monitor your fuel expenses
Socialize and keep up to date with friends Facebook – lets you connect with friends old and new, and find out what they are doing.  Also allows you to update your profile.Twitterrific – lets you share short messages between friends, family etc.  Also allows you to view recent tweets, search and review hot topic trends. Simplify Photo (£2.39) – allows you to connect to your photo library on your computer and browse your photos over the internet.  Also allows you to share your photos with up to 30 other simplify usersSimplify Music 2 (£4.99) – works in the same way as Simplify Photo but allows you to access and share musicMeetMe (£0.59) – can’t decide where to meet your friends or colleagues, give this app 2 addresses and it will shows places where you can meet near the middle mark
Get organised wikiHow – gives you advice on everything from how to get rid of stains to putting up wallpaper, find the answer to your dilemmasreQall – for remembering stuff.  This app will allows you to create to-do’s and adds them to a calendar, best of all it will send you a reminder Shopper (£0.59) – helps you make organised shopping lists e.g. by food group, aisle, departmentJobs – Time Sheet + Tracking (£1.19) – lets you track how you spend your time.  Add your projects to the app and run the stopwatch for a job whilst you are working on it.iThoughts (£4.99) – brainstorming made easy.  Create visual sketches of ideas and thoughts using a mind map that can be emailed or shared online.

How to make most of an iPhone app for Business Use.

An iPhone app is excellent for business use, it could make your business more efficient and increase revenue. 

An iPhone app can allow anybody involved with the business, do anything from sending and receiving e-mails, to browsing the internet for up to date information and finding the location of your next meeting. An iPhone can be used for many  things.   A specifically developed iPhone app can allow key personnel access to key data and programs that would normally only be accessed via an office based computer.  An iPhone app can be developed for use whilst you are working on-site, especially useful if you need to collect data whilst on-site then have to input it into the computer back at the office.  Why create extra work?  An iPhone app could be used to input the data directly.

An iPhone app can be very versatile, its uses can be endless.

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