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A Mobile App - How will it benefit your business?

How Will A Mobile App Benefit Your Business?

A mobile app could benefit your business. Especially if it uses, or needs to update information on a regular basis. A mobile app could save the business time and money.
We are living in a time where technology is advancing very quickly. Make sure your business is not left behind. Find out what a mobile app is and the business benefits.

What is a Mobile App?

With the popularity of the iPhone and other similar phones, it is possible to access the internet without having to be tied down to a PC or laptop.  Phones are becoming mini laptops.  Wireless connections are also more readily available in places like shopping centres and coffee shops. With many offering this service for free to entice more customers on a social and business level.  Put these together and you have the perfect business opportunity!  The idea that you can browse the internet, check your e-mails, play games or even compare the price of products in different supermarkets, on a phone, wherever you are! A mobile app can be downloaded onto your phone to do almost anything.  There are thousands to choose from. Some can be downloaded for free, and some need to be paid for.

Who will use a mobile app and why?

Consumer – The great thing about a mobile application is that you don’t need a reason to use it. The variety of apps is vast. The list would be endless.  You can download anything from being able to use your phone as a spirit level to checking your Facebook account. Business – Businesses are starting to realise that providing mobile access to certain business applications. They can increase productivity and revenue.  Mobile technology can be used for business in many ways. Many businesses already provide their employees with a phone. This enables them to keep in contact with each other and allow access to their e-mails whilst out of the office, (increasing efficiency, especially if a lot of time is spent out of the office or travelling).  But a mobile phone (such as an iPhone) can be used for many more things. Businesses are starting to access the real potential of mobile technology. Using it to improve productivity and business efficiency. Allowing their employee’s access to key business software, data and information anytime, anywhere through a mobile app. For example, a mobile app could be developed to allow specific users to enter PIN numbers into secure software. They would normally only be able for use this in the office, or being able to link up to any software already being used by the business.  For some companies, being able to fill in forms on site might increase efficiency. For example, a safety inspector may need to inspect machinery on site. They normally fill in a form manually. Then input the data collected onto the computer when arriving back at the office.  Using a specially developed mobile application could mean the inspector can fill in the form whilst onsite and have the data save directly onto the computer.

Do I need a Mobile App for my business?

Firstly consider what kind of processes/current practices are involved in your business.

  • Think about each employee’s role and duties. What tasks do they have to complete on a regular basis? Do any of these involve using a computer or laptop regularly?
  • Does any information need to be input manually?
  • Do they need access to information or data when at meetings or on site?
  • Does this data or information need to be compiled before or after working away from the office?
  • Do you use software packages regularly to run your business?
  • Is access to these packages needed by numerous employees?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a mobile application could help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

How do I choose a mobile app developer?

There is a difference between a web developer and a mobile app developer. Anyone can create and upload content for a website. In the mobile world fluctuations in signal strength, screen size and network speeds can vary constantly, updates may not be done regularly. Therefore, a mobile app designer and mobile app developer needs to be using the right tools and know how, to develop mobile content.

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